Types of Pension

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What type of Pension suits you best?

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There are many different types of Pension structures, that can be used for pension planning. Three common structures are:

Personal Pensions

A Personal Pension is designed primarily for Sole Traders and the Self Employed. Payments made to a Personal Pension are allowable for income tax relief. It’s a great method of funding for retirement and reducing your income tax bill.

Company Director Pension Schemes

A Company Pension is designed for Company Directors and allows your company to contribute money directly to a pension for your benefit. Your business can also claim corporation tax relief on the payments. It’s a great way to transfer company profits to personal private ownership in a very tax efficient manner. Speak to our experts today about setting up a company pension scheme for Directors.

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    Self-Administered Pensions

    Self-Administered Pensions operate in much the same way as a Company Pension with the added flexibility of allowing you to make all the investment decisions. You are free to pick your own types of investment to hold in your Self-Administered Pension Scheme. Self-Administered Pensions are particularly popular for those wanting to buy property in their pension.

    Guardian Wealth can help you choose the right option. We have the skills and the team to provide expert retirement and pension planning advice. We can formulate a financial plan for you that achieves your personal and financial goals, and most importantly we can explain it to you in a clear and easy to understand manner.

    We want to take the mystery out of retirement planning and give you a very clear understanding of what you need to do to make sure you achieve financial freedom in retirement.

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